Life-Changing Courses:

Courses about wealth, spirituality, your body that WILL change your life.

We offer courses to help change your life for the better. Our courses are for people who want to invest in changing the curse of struggle and death in their lives and/or bloodline. 
Change requires investment. Are you ready to truly change?
Our Most Popular Course

A few more words about our courses:

Each course attempts to to teach you how to bring money into your life, how to get your ancestors to aid you, how to spiritually protect your aura from foolishness and more!
Throughout each course you will discover:
  • The truth about money altars
  • The truth about spiritual protection
  • The truth about food and your magic 
  • How your ancestors affect your money and your magic
  • How the wrong type of meditation can prevent you from getting the money you both need and desire
  • and so much more

Do not miss!

Our Most Popular Course:

The Cooking for Wealth course is our most popular course. There is so much power in being able to feed people and so much magic in kitchen magic. Both good and bad can be done with kitchen magic. You can control, you can manifest, you can even destroy. The sky is the limit. Enroll now while this course is on sale. New recipes provided bi-weekly.
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