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At Bruja and Business Academy, we offer courses to help change your life for the better. These courses will teach you how to grow your money, spiritually protect yourself, honor your ancestors and so much more. 

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Our top priority is to help you change your life. We cover a wide range of courses to help you do that, both in a practical and theoretical level, while building for our learners a solid spiritual and metaphysical foundation.

Experienced instructor

A complete art education program starts with a great teacher.

Updated Learning

A complete education program starts with lessons that are updated as necessary.

Peer learning

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

Certificate of Completion

All courses come with a certificate of completion to celebrate your hard work in learning how to better your life. 

Payment Options

Pay in full or choose one of our payment options.

Different Course Options

Choose money courses, protection courses and so much more.

Our partnerships

To offer top quality training and digital certifications, we believe it’s key
to partner with the best in industry across business and education sectors.
World-class team

Meet the Founder

Oya Obinrin-Bruja is the founder of Bruja and Business Academy. In addition to this academy, she is the Principal Associate of Lishone` and Associates, where she creates metaphysical products of protection and to bring in money. When she isn't doing witchy business, as she is a multi-generational witch, she is mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs on business and business strategy as she is an award-winning entrepreneur.
Meet our world-class team of instructors
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