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How to Create a Money Altar

When a money altar goes up then money can flow in. Learn how to use this tool to help you bring money in and constantly.
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course attempts to to teach you the truth behind money/prosperity altars, how to create them the right way, and how to use them so that they actually work for you in the way you need them to work.
Throughout this course you will discover how:

  • To create a live altar
  • To create a discreet altar
  • The type of altars churches use
  • Why it is Okay to create a money altar even if you're Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. 
  • Money prayers
  • Money affirmations
  • and so much more

Course contents

Ms. Bruja

Herbalist, Bone Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritualist
Ms. Bruja is the founder of Bruja and Business Academy. In addition to this academy, she is the owner of Bruja Luxury, a luxury skin care line, where the focus is on spiritually minded skin care. Products include non-shea butter and coconut oil products but instead high end butters and oils with products being soaps, body scrubs, yoni steams, yoni teas, body oils and more. 

Course reviews

I never thought about money the way I have before prior to this course. I am grateful for this course. Thank you for choosing to share your wisdom. I'm in the process of creating my money altar in a very powerful way thanks to you.
This is a deep course. There are things in here that I never really gave much thought to. I am seeing things from a different perspective. I highly suggest you invest in this course. You will not be disappointed and you will be thinking about money differently even before you complete the course.
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