Spiritual Shielding and Protection - Basics

Learn the basics of how to shield and truly protect yourself from the ills of the world. A MUST have especially if you're an empath.
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course attempts to how to teach you how to shield and truly protect yourself from the ills of the world. No, this course will NOT teach you about the  white light shielding -but real life, heavy duty shielding that doesn't attract but repels your energy and negative forces away from you. 
Throughout this course you will learn:
  • Why shielding will save your life
  • What to do BEFORE you shield
  • How to shield
  • Energy vampires
  • Consequences for not shielding
  • and so much more
  • A course EVERY empath NEEDS to take

Course contents

Ms. Bruja

Herbalist, Reiki Master, Spiritualist, Bone Reader
Ms. Bruja is the founder of Bruja and Business Academy. In addition to this academy, she is the owner of Bruja Luxury, a luxury skin care line, where the focus is on spiritually minded skin care. Products include non-shea butter and coconut oil products but instead high end butters and oils with products being soaps, body scrubs, yoni steams, yoni teas, body oils and more. 

Course reviews

I'm an empath and because I'm an empath I get sick when I'm in crowds. I came across this workshop in a group I'm in and while I missed the live, I decided to buy the recording. I'm very grateful to my spirits that I fell across this. Because of this, I'm able to better protect my energy field and now I don't get sick. I was just walking around with crystals but they weren't working in crowds. Thanks to this and learning how to do it the right way, I've been practicing and now I feel safer around crowds. I even went shopping Saturday to test it out and no sickness for me. Thank you to this wonderful woman and her spirits.
Hannah H.
I am sooooo glad I decided to invest in my protection and learn this. I swear to God that I feel so much more protected. Who knew there was such a thing! Like I can physically feel the protection surrounding me! Thank you for deciding to teach this. I truly appreciate it!
Emma J.
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