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The 7 Money Spices of the Wealthy and Prosperous


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Financial Ease

Should be as easy as breathing
There are specific spices for specific money goals. We're going to teach you how to use these spices for those goals.

Things to note: This is a drip feed course. This means that new material will be dripped weekly over a 7-10 week period. 
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Having a little more money, abundance and ease in your life is never a bad thing! Nobody likes being broke.  Nobody likes financially struggling. Everybody in some shape form or fashion wants to be prosperous and have continuous money coming in, even if that's for bills. Nobody does money coming in continuously better than the wealthy and the prosperous who are not yet wealthy but they aren't broke either. 
Throughout this course you will discover how the wealthy and prosperous:

  • Use spices to NOT be broke
  • Use these spices in multiple ways and not just in food

Throughout this course you will:

  • Be provided with weekly or bi-weekly  downloadable tools to guide you in bringing money into your home and bank accounts
  • Learn about the history of the spices

As a reminder, this course is dripped every week for seven to ten weeks!

Ms. Bruja

Herbalist, Bone Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritualist
Ms. Bruja is the founder of Bruja and Business Academy. In addition to this academy, she is the owner of Bruja Luxury, a luxury skin care line, where the focus is on spiritually minded skin care. Products include non-Shea butter and coconut oil products but instead high end butters and oils with products being soaps, body scrubs, yoni steams, yoni teas, body oils and more. 

Course reviews

I'm not a witch. Far from it, but I am one who loves to cook. That was initially the thought process to me taking this course. I saw the word spice. Then I read the description and saw that there were herbs that people wear in their pockets and I was super curious about that. I'm glad I'm nosy. I'm glad my curiosity got the best of me and purchased this course. I learned so many things I didn't know before and now I've got some daily things I can carry with me, ensuring money ALWAYS comes into my house and stays in my pockets. This was BEYOND useful. BEYOND anything I thought I knew. I will be sharing this course with friends for sure. It is a must know for everybody.
Pamela L.
I took the Money Spice course and ever since I followed the course things have really been going well for me. So Yesterday, my boss calls me in to tell me I got an unexpected raise. I wasn't up for a raise until I made my next work anniversary, so this raise came unexpectedly. Then I get home and there's not ONE but TWO money orders for me from folks I've been waiting to pay me back forever and a day. BOTH were dated the day I bought the course started implementing what you put in. I'm so grateful for you and thankful that you decided to share your wisdom. If no one has taken a course from Ms. Bruja you talks are truly missing out. This Woman KNOWS her stuff. 
David K.
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