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Bruja and Business Academy Terms and Conditions

Updated March 1, 2021

These Terms of Service, together with any and all other documents referred to herein, set out the terms under which you may use Our Platform to take any of our online courses. Please read these Terms of Service carefully and ensure that you understand them. You will be required to read and accept these Terms of Service in order to use Our Platform to take one of our courses. If you do not agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Service, you will not be able to use Our Platform. These Terms of Service, as well as any and all Contracts are in the English language only.



1. Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 In these Terms of Service, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:



“Account”means an account required to access and/or use certain areas of Our Site including Our Platform;
“Content”means any and all text, images, audio, video, scripts, code, software, databases, and any other form of information capable of being stored on a computer that appears on, or forms part of, Our Site (including, but not limited to, Our Platform);
“Contract”means a contract for the purchase of a Subscription to use Our Platform, as explained in Clause 6;
“Data Protection Legislation”means 1) unless and until EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is no longer directly applicable in the USA, the GDPR and any national implementing laws, regulations, and secondary legislation (as amended from time to time), in the USA and subsequently 2) any legislation which succeeds the GDPR;
“Platform”means collectively the online facilities, tools, services, and information that We provide through Our Site for the creation, editing, and hosting of Online Schools;
“Subscription”means a subscription to Our Site providing access to Our Platform;
“Subscription Confirmation”means our acceptance and confirmation of your purchase of a Subscription;
“Subscription ID”means the reference number for your Subscription;
“Third Party Service Provider”means a third party providing a service that is offered to Users through Our Platform;
“User”means a user of Our Site;
“User Content”means any Content submitted by a User;
“Online School”means a specialized website created by a User using Our Platform, which shall contain User Content (Free and/or Paid Online Courses) and be hosted by Us; and
“We/Us/Our”means “Bruja and Business Academy”, the brand owned and operated by Lishone and Associates.


2. Information About Us

2.1 Our Site (https://www.brujaandbusinessacademy.learnworlds.com) and Our Platform (“Bruja and Business Academy and Lishone` and Associates”) are owned and operated by Lishone and Associates a company registered in the United States.

Registered address: P.O. Box 1024, New York, NY 10036

Email address: lishoneandassociates@gmail.com
Telephone number: 518-281-8524


3. Age Restrictions

Consumers may only use Our Platform and create Online Schools if they are at least 18 years of age.



4. Access and Changes to Our Platform

4.1 Access to Our Platform and the creation, editing, and hosting of Online Schools requires a Subscription. Upon purchasing a Subscription, Our Platform will be available to you, and your Online School (s) available, for the duration of that Subscription and any and all subsequent renewals.


4.2 We may from time to time make changes to Our Platform:


  • Minor changes may be required to make underlying technical alterations, for example, to fix an error or to address a security issue. We will inform you by email and/or an in-app announcement of any such changes (including, if applicable, anything that you need to do), however they will be unlikely to materially affect your use of Our Platform or the availability of your Online School (s);
  • Minor changes may be made to reflect changes in the law or other regulatory requirements. We will inform you by email and/or an in-app announcement of any such changes (including, if applicable, anything that you need to do), however they will be unlikely to materially affect your use of Our Platform or the availability of your Online School(s); and
  • As detailed in https://www.brujaandbusinessacademy.com.learnworlds.com, We will continue to develop and improve Our Platform over time, in some cases making significant changes to it. You will be kept fully informed of any and all such changes.


4.3 We will always aim to ensure that Our Platform and your Online School(s) are available at all times. In certain limited cases, however, We may need to temporarily suspend availability to make certain changes outlined under sub-Clause 4.2. Unless We are responding to an emergency or an urgent issue, We will inform you in advance of any interruptions to availability. If We need to suspend Our Platform and/or the availability of your Online School(s) for longer than 12 hours within a 24-hour period, We will add the corresponding time to the duration of your current Subscription period at no cost to you, rounded up to a full day in each case.



5. Pricing Plans and Availability


5.1 We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all descriptions of the services available from Us (specifically, Our Platform, providing creation and editing tools, and hosting for Online Schools) correspond to the actual services that will be provided and/or made available to you. There may, however, be minor variations in the descriptions, from time to time, due to active Platform development, bug fixes and constant addition of new features.


5.2 Please note that sub-Clause 5.1 does not exclude Our responsibility for mistakes due to negligence on Our part and refers only to minor variations in Our services, not to different services altogether.


5.3 Where appropriate, you may be required to select your required payment plan. Different types of payment plans may provide access to different features on Our Platform. Please ensure that you select the appropriate payment plan when prompted.


5.4 We may from time to time change Our prices. Changes in price will not affect any payment plan that you have already purchased but may apply to any subsequent renewal or new Subscription. Unless there is a significant change in the functionality of Our Platform and the resources consumed by your Online School, every possible effort will be made for your initial Payment Plan and Full Price to be grandfathered in. We will inform you of any change in price at least 90 days before the change is due to take effect. If you do not agree to such a change, you may cancel any payment plans you may be under.


5.5 We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all prices shown on Our Site are correct at the time of going online. All pricing information is reviewed and updated every 30 days. Changes in price will not affect any payment or payment plans that have already been purchased but may affect renewals of payment plans.


5.6 All payment plan prices are automatically checked by Us when your purchase is processed. In the unlikely event that We have shown incorrect pricing information, We will contact you in writing to ask you how you wish to proceed. If We do not receive a response from you within 5 business days, We will treat your purchase as cancelled and we will refund and notify you accordingly in writing.


5.7 If We discover an error in the price or description of your payment plan after your order is processed, We will inform you immediately and make all reasonable efforts to correct the error. You may, however, have the right to cancel the Contract if this happens. If We inform you of such an error and you do wish to cancel the Contract, please refer to sub-Clause 15.4.3.


5.8 If the price of a payment plan that you have ordered changes between your order being placed and Us processing that order and taking payment, you will be charged the price shown on Our Site at the time of placing your order.


5.9 All our prices do not include tax. You may be charged separately for tax depending upon the state in which you live in.

5.10 We do not provide refunds on any of our courses. If you pay for the course in full, the course is yours and the information there in. If you pay for the course using a payment plan, you are in charge of all payments and are not allowed to cancel your payment plan. Trying to cancel your payment plan after receiving the initial information or all of the information depending upon the course,  would be constituted as fraud and your credit card will be charged and continue to be charged as many times as legally possible. We will also press charges against you for theft, fraud and any other charge deemed legally possible. By signing up for our courses you understand this, accept this and will not try to scam us by requesting a refund illegally. 



6. Subscriptions – How Contracts Are Formed


6.1 You will be guided through the payment and payment plan process when you make a purchase. Before confirming a purchase, you will be given the opportunity to review your chosen payment or payment plans and amend any errors in your order. Please ensure that you check carefully before confirming your purchase.


6.2 No part of Our Site, Our Platform, or any other material constitutes a contractual offer capable of acceptance. By purchasing a course, you are making Us a contractual offer that We may, at Our sole discretion, accept. Our acceptance is indicated by Us sending you a Payment Confirmation by email. Only once We have sent you a Payment Confirmation will there be a legally binding contract between Us and you (“the Contract”).


6.3 Payment Confirmations contain the following information:


  • Your Possible Payment ID;
  • Confirmation of your chosen course including full details of the main characteristics and features of Our Platform available as part of that payment or payment plan;
  • Fully itemised pricing, including, where appropriate, taxes and other additional charges;
  • The duration of your payment plan where applicable (including the start date, and the renewal date);
  • Confirmation of your acknowledgement that Our Platform will be made available to you immediately and that, if you are a consumer, you will lose your legal right to change your mind and cancel the Contract.


6.4 We can also provide a paper copy of your Payment Confirmation on request.


6.5 In the unlikely event that We do not accept or cannot fulfill your order for any reason, We will explain why in writing. No payment will be taken under normal circumstances. If We have taken payment any such sums will be refunded to you as soon as possible and in any event within 14 calendar days.


6.6 Any refunds under this Clause 6 will be issued to you as soon as possible, and in any event within 14 calendar days of the day on which the event triggering the refund occurs.


6.7 Refunds under this Clause 6 will be made using the same payment method that you used when purchasing your Subscription. Please read our refund policy page for our policy on refunds. 


6.8 Subject to the cancellation provisions in Clause 15, once you have confirmed your course purchase, your payment cannot be changed until the end or renewal date of that payment term.


6.9 By purchasing a Course you are expressly requesting that you wish access to Our Platform to be made available to you immediately (and will be required to acknowledge this). Please be aware that We do not offer any course payments that do not begin immediately. For more details of cancellation, please refer to Clause 15.



7. Payment

7.1 Payment for Courses must always be made in advance. Your chosen payment method will be charged when we process your order and send you a Payment Confirmation (this usually occurs immediately and you will be shown a message confirming your payment).


7.2 We accept the following methods of payment:


  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • For Yearly (prepaid) subscriptions and Corporate plans we can also accept payments via Bank Transfer and PayPal.
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